The GuideBox to Healthy Places is an easy-to-use set of resources to increase awareness of how health impacts, and is impacted, by the communities where we live. The materials in the GuideBox help to facilitate creative thinking and engage with different health topics that support the health and well-being of all who work, live, and play in communities. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to using the GuideBox. Its materials can be tailored for use in various settings – such as community meetings, classrooms, or presentations.

The GuideBox is available both online and as a printed copy. The online and printed versions of the GuideBox are identical.

On-Line Version
The on-line version (see below) is designed to be used electronically or to be downloaded and printed out by the user. Note: The quality of materials printed from this site will vary depending on the printer being used.

Printed Copy
The pre-printed version of the GuideBox may be borrowed from several Colorado Healthy Places Collaborative partner organizations, including:
AIA Colorado, The Alliance Center, APA Colorado Chapter, ASCE Colorado Section, ASLA Colorado, CALPHO, Center for Health Work & Environment (CU Denver), Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment, The Colorado Health Foundation, Colorado Parks & Recreation Association, Health + Design Initiative (CU Denver), Regional Institute for Health & Environmental Leadership, The Trust for Public Land Colorado, ULI Colorado, USGBC Colorado.
Contact information for these organizations is on-line at:

GuideBox content

GuideBox Contents Diagram

Introduction – a brief explanation of the GuideBox

Facilitator’s Guide – an aid for organizers planning a meeting or session with the GuideBox

Topic Booklets – brief resources to assist with discussions on specific health-related issues
Integrating Health and Accessibility
Integrating Health and Buildings
Integrating Health and Environment
Integrating Health and Equity

WalkGuide to Healthy Places – a pamphlet for taking stock of health issues during a walk through a community

Card Deck – a set of images and facts to help with conversations and discussions.
There are 52 cards total arranged into four suits each with 13 cards. Each card has an image on one side, and information on the other side.

Two Versions – there are two versions of the Card Deck available on-line, both have identical content. One version is intended for on-line use only; the other version can be downloaded and printed. Whether using on-line or by printing out, please begin with the Card Deck Directions, which provides an introduction to and an overview of the Card Deck and how to use it.

Interactive Version | On-Line
This version is intended to be used on a computer or projected onto a screen.
Card Deck Directions
Access Suit
Building Suit
Environment Suit
Equity Suit

Download Version | Print-Out
This version is intended to be printed out. Each card has a dotted line for folding in half, so that the printed image will appear on one side, and written information on the other side.
Card Deck Directions
Access Suit
Building Suit
Environment Suit
Equity Suit

Health Assessment Lens – a tool for conducting a more in depth evaluation of health factors in a community

Colorado Healthy Places Collaborative Information – overview and contact information on organizations and associations working together to make Colorado communities healthier

Survey – a questionnaire for reflecting on outcomes from the meeting or session

Health Assessment Lens

The Health Assessment Lens is designed to inform designers, planners, and decision-makers of health conditions prior to beginning a project, plan process, or program.